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    K9 Nose Work

    K9 NOSE WORK KITSAP sponsors Odor Recognition Tests (ORT) and officially sanctioned K9 Nose Work® trials and Specialty trials®.  These events will be held in accordance with the rules and regulations as defined by the National Association of Canine Scent Work (NACSWTM). 

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    New to Nose Work? We have a couple of ways to get started:

    DEMO Class.  This is for the curious who want to see what nose work looks like before registering for their first Intro to Nose Work course.  Bring your dog as a demo dog, we can have about 4 dogs (pre-register needed.)  The second hour there's more DEMOS with more experienced dogs to make a fun hands-on and observation day.  Everyone that comes pays $25 (includes spouses).  Register for the Intro to Nose Work class, your fee goes towards your first course. 

    German Pointer Specialty Show DEMO Enumclaw, August 17, 2-4pm

    open to the public to register July 5th

    Intro to Nose Work.   Wanna get started?  Intro to Nose Work is the primary class where to start.  All courses are 6 classes + one mock trial.  Student teams must complete 6 classes to successfully complete each course.  Nose Work builds the relationship between Dog & Handler.  Builds confidence in the dog, the handler learn positive dog training skills in Nose Work.


    Let's Start Odor!

    Level 1: Intro to Odor.  Let’s get serious with the sniffing and handling and learning from the dog what dog’s do naturally:  use their nose.  This course introduces the odor birch across the elements.   

    Level 2: Continuing Odor.  This course continues the odor birch and introduces the next two odors.  Searches get more advanced.  We learn from the dog, “Where the Noses Know”  

    Level 3:  AKC Scent Work.  Offering this course that's specific to AKC competition trial rules and continues with the previous odors and introduces the odor Cypress and buried hides. 

    Advanced Continuing Odor Students

    ok, I've completed the basic courses, NOW WHAT? 


    You're now an Advanced Continuing Odor student.

    I hope to start an Advanced Continuing Odor Class one day specificially to do advanced searches and challenging environments, but for now, here's how to stay connected: 

        “Drop-In” to an ODOR class or Mock Trial for $25.00;    

    Or, buy a 7-Class Card for $140 to Drop-In to ODOR Classes or Mock Trials.  

    Discount:  A household that has multiple dogs -currently or previously in our classes- are welcome to purchase the 7-class card for a $10 discount each additional dog.

    Let's Go Search

    Mock Trials

    what we call SNIFF-N-GO are offered to our CURRENT STUDENTS as their 7th class for “primary” and “odor” in a ‘group’ mock trial with blind timed hides.  Trust Yourself and let's have some fun.  

     THE PUBLIC:  Dogs not currently or ever been in our classes are welcome to run in these Mock Trials. 

     Drop-In as a non-current student dog team is $25.00

    or Buy a 7-class card for $150 to run in the SNIFF-N-GOs

    K9 ABC Games

    We offer the K9 ABC Games™ as another opportunity to work with your dog in Nose Work.  These games provide an inclusive search to test your handling skills and the scenting skills of your K9 partner. 

    The dog team can choose any “level” they want to run at any event.  

    K9 ABC GAMES are both a skill builder and a skills assessment tool.  

    The skill building goal is accomplished by providing a realistic search environment with multiple hides.

    The K9 ABC Games entry is $25.00 per Team. • Single Odor (only birch) • Double Odor (birch & anise &/or combined) • Triple Odor (all 3 odors separately and/or the combination).

    Up Your Experience and Expertise


     Workshops 4 evenings for $75


    Hosting Fred Helfers, NACSW, CNWI

    Olfaction & Odor Seminar

    August 11, 2018

    all day 8-5pm

    Handler's Skills & Errors Seminar

    August 12, 2018 morning


    Handler's Skills & Errors Seminar/Workshop

    August 12, 2018 afternoon


    please note, FRED HELFERS NACSW, CNWI  Seminars 

    please leave doggies at home where they are safe and happy.