K9 Nose Work

K9 NOSE WORK KITSAP sponsors Odor Recognition Tests (ORT) and officially sanctioned K9 Nose Work® trials and Specialty trials®.  These events will be held in accordance with the rules and regulations as defined by the National Association of Canine Scent Work (NACSWTM). 

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New to Nose Work

Want to know what Nose Work looks like?  go to www.nacsw.net and volunteer at your nearby trials.

Wanna get started?  Intro to Nose Work is the primary class where to start.  All courses are 6 classes + one mock trial.  Student teams must complete 6 classes to successfully complete each course.  Nose Work builds the relationship between dog & handler.  Builds confidence in the dog, the handler learn positive dog training skills in Nose Work, and learn to become a working team.

.contact Paula at K9NWKitsap@gmail.com

Let's Start Odor!

Level 1: Intro to Odor.  Let’s get serious with the sniffing and handling and learning from the dog what dog’s do naturally:  use their nose.  This course introduces the odor birch across the elements.   

Level 2: Continuing Odor.  This course continues the odor birch and introduces the next two odors.  Searches get more advanced.  We learn from the dog, “Where the Noses Know”  

Level 3:  AKC Scent Work.  Offering this course that's specific to AKC competition trial rules and continues with the previous odors and introduces the odor Cypress and buried hides. 

Advanced Continuing Odor Students

ok, you've completed the core courses, NOW WHAT? 


You're now an Advanced Continuing Odor student.  

We love to take the search on the road, it's all about the search.

How to stay Connected.  Click Advanced Continuing Order on the Sign Up page.  Select on the day(s) you plan on coming to class.  Wednesdays 10:30am.  If you sign up and your plans change?  no problem, just go back into the sign up and revise your day(s).  


Advanced Students' Discount:  Buy a 7-Class Card for $130 or come to one class at a time for $20/class.

good towards ODOR Classes and Mock Trials (Sniff-n-go, etc.)

Discount:  A household with multiple dogs:  Buy a 7-class card and share with your doggies 

Let's Go Search



Usually every 7th class we have a Sniff-n-Go that our current or previous students can join or THE PUBLIC are welcome to join us for an elemental blind, timed with 4-8 searches we call the Sniff-n-Go.

 Drop-In as a non-current student dog team is $20.00

Buy a 7-class card for $150  with a discount for households with multiple dogs ($150 - 2 dogs = $130)


Let's Try It!  

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